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Guitar instrumental course is open to advanced level students – over 16 years old, having guitar lessons for at least 5 years now, as well as to graduates of Music Universities / Conservatories or Guitar teachers, wishing to further develop or “refresh” their musical, technical and interpretation skills.

Targets of this course are: playing and studying technique expanding, through improvement of instrumental technique and music expression, corporal self-control and discovering of various interpreting possibilities.

Finding the most appropriate for each piece sound, musical fantasy, stage presentation and presence, deepening of personal interpretation, developing a finer sense of touch, pieces of advice about quick by heart learning of music pieces and playing without use of score are additional elements, making the lessons of this course easy to take and profitably amusing.

Guitarists preparing themselves for any examination or competition are also welcome to this course.

Participants preferring to work in an instrumental ensemble  / chamber music and less interested in solo lessons can also take this course, by choosing Ensemble as main subject.

In case you register in order to prepare an ABRSM examination, please define the intended examinations level (grade).

Due to the limited number of participants (15), we reccomend as quick a registration as possible!



course available

We still have free places in this course and we therefore gladly continue to accept applications.
We request your understanding over the fact that, higher application fees (+50 €) have to apply for all applications submitted after the official deadline (09.06.2017), according to our general terms and conditions.

Course charges:

As 1st main subject: € 500. This price includes the registration & lesson fees and up to two activities free of charge,
additionally overnight & boarding fees € 72 – 620, prices depending upon the range of services included to the booked package.

As 2nd main subject (in addition to another, chosen as 1st main subject, course of the same period): € 350.

Please consult our General Terms and Conditions page for detailed information and pricing for auditors and passive participants.

In order to facilitate the participation of as broad a circle of young people as possible to our courses, we have created, with the generous support of our sponsors, a fund for a limited number of scholarships. Here you can find all relative information.

Lecturers 2017

(Music University Graz)
03. – 10.09.2017

This course is suitable for:

  • advanced Pupils (Music Schools – private music lessons)
  • special course for highly gifted young musicians
  • Students (Conservatories – Universities)
  • Graduates (Conservatories – Universities)
  • Guitar Teachers
  • Preparation for Music School Exams
  • Preparation for ABRSM Exams
  • Preparation for university entry examinations
  • Competitions – Orchestra auditions

You can also register for…

  • A (further) instrumental or voice course
  • Instrumental ensemble
  • Chamber music with or without piano
  • Sight reading for guitarists
  • Accompaniment course for pianists
  • Music Theory
  • Composition
  • Improvisation
  • Ear & Rhythm training
  • Preparation for an ABRSM Music Theory Examination