About us

P1110244austrian arts sessions is a non-profit association, which aims at supporting young persons, seriously dealing with arts.

The income of our association (deriving from fees obtained at courses, master classes and other artistic events as well as from occasional supporters’ aid and donations) is mainly used to assure its constant functioning, the fulfillment of its targets and granting of scholarships.

Our students` achievements (competition prizes, success with high scores in all level examinations at music schools or ABRSM, success at admittance and diploma examinations of Austrian or other European universities and similar institutes) prove the quality of our work and a steady devotion to the purposes of our association.

Strongly believing that artistic (further) education and spiritual cultivation is not only the heart of a humanistic education but also the best investment for our youth’s future, we want to keep them accessible to as broad a circle of young people as possible. We therefore try our best in order that our courses and master classes combine well known teachers and quality events to quite accessible prices.

We aim at offering our young participants not simply and only music lessons but also useful, worthy activities, appreciation of basic human values, forming up their personalities in balance to their artistic skills. Through all these we try to contribute and fortify the cultural life of our country.

We, therefore, appeal to you all: privates as well as companies and professionals with artistic sensitivities, asking you to support our purposes through advertisements, sponsoring or donations.

We thank each and every one of you in advance for your invaluable help and support.